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General and special conditions of sale

These general conditions of sale are applicable to all customers making a reservation in the Gîte formula for a stay at the Gîtes du GOËLO, regardless of the reservation channel used (direct reservation, KE-BOOKING).

  Article 1 – Duration of stay: the customer signing this contract concluded for a fixed period may not under any circumstances claim any right to remain in the premises at the end of the stay.

Article 2 – Liability: the Gîtes du Goëlo which offer services to a customer are the sole contact for this customer and answer to him for the performance of the obligations arising from these conditions of sale. Gîtes du Goëlo cannot be held responsible for fortuitous events, cases of force majeure or the act of any person unrelated to the organization and progress of the stay.

Article 3 – Reservation: The reservation becomes firm upon receipt of the deposit corresponding to 25% of the price of the stay.  If the customer chooses to benefit from additional services linked to the stay, the deposit will be increased by 25% of the amount of these services appearing on the contract or the booking confirmation.

The payment of a deposit implies acceptance of the general and special conditions of sale of GITES DU GOËLO. These general and special conditions are published on the GITES DU GOËLO website.

Article 4 – Payment of the balance:

-  The payment of the balance is paid 1 month before the date of arrival.

-  The customer who has not paid the balance on the agreed date is considered to have canceled his stay. Therefore, the service is again offered for sale and no refund will be made.

Article 5 – Confirmation of reservation: Upon receipt of the amount of the deposit, the reservation service of Gîtes du Goëlo sends the customer a confirmation of the reservation.

Article 6 – Arrival: The client must arrive on the specified day and at the times mentioned in this contract or at the times agreed with the owner. In case of late or deferred arrival or last minute impediment, the client must notify the owner.

  Article 7 - Cancellation by the customer: Any cancellation must be notified in writing (registered letter or email) to the Gîtes du Goëlo reservation service.

Article 8 – Cancellation costs:

-  30 days or more before arrival: 25% of the total stay.

-  Between 29 days and the day of arrival or no-show: 100% of the total stay.

-  In the event of cancellation of the stay by the customer, less than 30 days before the date of arrival, no refund will be made, and the balance of the stay will be payable if it has not already been fully paid.

Article 9 – Cancellation by the seller: when, before the start of the stay, the owner cancels this stay, he must inform the buyer by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by email. The buyer, without prejudice to recourse for compensation for any damage suffered, will be reimbursed immediately and without penalty for the sums paid. These provisions do not apply when an amicable agreement has been concluded having as its object the acceptance by the buyer of a substitute stay proposed by the seller.

Article 10 – Inability for the seller to provide during the stay the services provided for in the contract: when during the stay, the seller is unable to provide a preponderant part of the services provided for in the contract, representing a significant percentage the price honored by the buyer, the owner, without prejudice to recourse for compensation for any damage suffered: will offer a stay to replace the planned stay, possibly supporting any additional cost. If the stay accepted by the buyer is of lower quality, the owner will reimburse the difference in price before the end of his stay. If the seller cannot offer him a replacement stay or if this is refused by the buyer for valid reasons, the first will pay the second an indemnity calculated on the same basis as in the event of cancellation by the seller. .

Article 11 – Interruption of the stay: In the event of interruption of the stay by the customer, no refund will be made, and the balance of the stay will be due if it has not already been paid in full.

Article 12 – Cancellation insurance:

The customer can benefit from personal cancellation insurance via certain bank cards, or take out cancellation insurance. Gîtes du GOELO can offer the customer to take out cancellation insurance. In the event of cancellation or interruption of the stay, the customer remains liable for the amount of the stay provided for in Articles 7, 8 and 11. If the reason for the cancellation or interruption is covered by the cancellation insurance, the customer will manage  its possible reimbursement directly with the insurance.

Article 13 – Capacity: The accommodation is rented for a maximum capacity of people which can in no case be exceeded. If the number of customers exceeds the capacity, the service provider may refuse additional customers or modify the amount of the rental.

Article 14 – Animals: This contract specifies whether or not the customer can stay with a pet. In the event of non-compliance with this clause by the client, the service provider may refuse the animals.

Article 15 – Assignment of the contract by the customer: The buyer may assign his contract to a transferee who fulfills the same conditions as him to carry out the stay. In this case, the buyer is required to request the owner's agreement by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by email no later than 7 days before the start of the stay. The transfer of the contract must be made at cost price. The assignor and the assignee are jointly and severally liable vis-à-vis the seller for the payment of the balance of the price as well as any additional costs occasioned by this assignment.

Article 16 – Use of the premises: The tenant and the persons accompanying him must ensure the peaceful nature of the rental and make use of it in accordance with the destination of the premises. All interior spaces are non-smoking by law.

Children living in Gîtes du Goëlo, indoors and outdoors, are under the full responsibility of their parents or carers.


Article 17 – Insurance: The customer is responsible for all damages arising from his actions. He must hold private civil liability insurance (resort risk), or take out one prior to his arrival. A certificate must be provided on arrival or a few days before arrival.

Article 18 – Inventory: For rental accommodation, an inventory is drawn up jointly and signed by the tenant and the owner or his representative on arrival and departure from the accommodation. This inventory is the only reference in the event of a dispute concerning the inventory. The tenant is required to enjoy the rented property as a good father. The state of cleanliness of the lodging on the arrival of the tenant must be noted in the inventory. The cleaning of the premises is the responsibility of the tenant during the rental period and before his departure unless the tenant has chosen the end-of-stay cleaning option.

  Article 19 – Security deposit: Upon arrival of the client in a gite rental, a security deposit, the amount of which is indicated on the reservation, is requested by the owner. After the contradictory establishment of the exit inventory, this deposit is returned, after deducting the cost of restoring the premises if damage was noted. In the event of early departure (prior to the times mentioned on the description sheet) preventing the establishment of the inventory on the day of the tenant's departure, the security deposit is returned by the owner within a period not exceeding one week.

Article 20 – Disputes: Any complaint relating to the inventory of fixtures and the inventory of descriptions during a rental must be submitted to the owner within 3 days of entering the premises. Any other complaint relating to a stay must be addressed as soon as possible, by letter or email, to the owner.



  In the case of prices including charges, the rental price includes: charges for heating, electricity, gas, fuel oil, water, etc.

Tourist tax: In some tourist towns, a tourist tax is collected by the owner on behalf of the community of municipalities. This is in addition to the rental amount.

Welcome: You will be welcomed by your owner or his representative.

It is recommended to contact your landlord by telephone to arrange the arrival. He can advise you on access. In case of premature or nocturnal departure, inform the owner.

Animals: For the COTE PLAGE gite, the presence of animals must be reported in the first contact, authorized by the owner. It necessarily gives rise to the establishment of a contract accepting animals. A security deposit is required (amount indicated on the reservation documents). Their presence can be invoiced (see descriptive sheet of the accommodation on the Gîtes du Goëlo website:

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