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Privacy Policy


Holder: The Gîtes du Goëlo

Locality Rungagal 22580 PLOUHA France

  VAT 44438978199

  SIREN: 43897819900018




  This Privacy Policy informs the User of how Les Gîtes du Goëlo obtains, processes and protects the personal data provided to them through the website  , as well as those inherent to its connection and navigation through the Website  and other data that he may be required to provide in the future to Gîtes du Goëlo through the Accommodation Contract or any other authorized means.

The User must carefully read this Privacy Policy, which has been drafted in a clear and simple manner, to facilitate his understanding and determine freely and voluntarily whether he wishes to provide his personal data or that of third parties, to Gîtes du Goëlo.



  The data requested in the forms accessible from the Gîtes du Goëlo website are, in general terms, mandatory (unless the contrary is specified in the required field) to achieve the established purposes. Therefore, data that is not provided or that is not provided correctly cannot be processed.



Depending on the User's requests, the personal data obtained will be processed by Les Gîtes du Goëlo for the following purposes:

Manage the reservations made, including the management of payment (if applicable) and the management of its requests and preferences.

Manage their requests for contact with Les Gîtes du Goëlo through the channels provided for this.

Manage the provision of the accommodation service subscribed, as well as the additional services of the stay.

Manage the carrying out of surveys and/or assessments relating to the quality of the service provided by Les Gîtes du Goëlo.

Send an email at the end of the year for wishes.

The User's data will be kept for the time necessary for the fulfillment of each purpose or until the User requests to unsubscribe from Gîtes du Goëlo, opposes it or revokes his consent.



Les Gîtes du Goëlo may process the categories of data, depending on the request made by the User:

Identification data: first name, last name

Contact data: postal address, mobile phone, e-mail address.

Preference Data.

Geolocation data.

Credit card data, necessary to make payment for the reservation or to guarantee it, as well as to pay for the stay or the services associated with it.

The site uses the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (https) which is the security protocol through which your browser communicates with the sites. Data from https sites are encrypted and then authenticated and are therefore secure.


In the event that the User provides the data of a third party, he declares having obtained the consent of the latter and undertakes to transfer to the interested party, holder of this data, the information contained in this Privacy Policy , by unloading Les Gîtes du Goëlo  of any liability in this regard. However, Les Gîtes du Goëlo may undertake the necessary checks to ascertain this fact, by adopting the appropriate measures that will be appropriate, in accordance with data protection regulations.



The processing of data necessary within the framework of the aforementioned purposes and their fulfillment which require the consent of the User for their execution will not be undertaken without having obtained prior authorisation.

Likewise, in the event that the User withdraws their consent to any of the treatments, this will not affect the legality of the treatments carried out previously.

To revoke this consent, the User may contact Les Gîtes du Goëlo through the following channels: by writing to Les Gîtes du Goëlo Lieu-dit Rungagal 22580 Plouha, or via email, in both cases with the Reference " Data protection ".

Similarly, in cases where it is necessary to process the User's data for the exercise of a legal obligation or in the context of the execution of the contractual relationship existing between Les Gîtes du Goëlo and the User, the processing would be legitimized by its necessity for the fulfillment of these purposes. On the other hand, the processing undertaken for carrying out surveys and/or evaluations relating to the quality of the services provided by Les Gîtes du Goëlo  will be carried out based on the legitimate interest of the controller. 

Information about cookies

This section is devoted to the Privacy Protection Policy of this site. It allows you to find out more about the origin and use of browsing information processed when you access the site. When viewing the site, information relating to the navigation of your terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) may be recorded in "Cookies" files installed on your terminal, subject to the choices you have made regarding Cookies.

Information about cookies

This section is devoted to the Privacy Protection Policy of this site. It allows you to find out more about the origin and use of browsing information processed when you access the site. When viewing the site, information relating to the navigation of your terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) may be recorded in "Cookies" files installed on your terminal, subject to the choices you have made regarding Cookies.


During your first visit to then at the end of the period (maximum 13 months), an information banner is displayed to inform you of the use of cookies and the terms and conditions for you. oppose it.


What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a  text file likely to be stored by your browser on your terminal connected to the Internet when visiting a website. The terminal containing the cookie can thus be identified by the issuer during its period of validity.

The information stored relates in particular to your route of the site visited in order to provide you with an additional service, the advertisements on which you have clicked, the type of browser you are using, the information you have entered in order to avoid re-entering them again. and improve your browsing comfort. Cookies are also used to optimize the performance of the site. For example, they facilitate your navigation and help you find specific content more quickly, etc.

Only the issuer of a cookie is likely to read or modify the information contained therein.

The cookies that the site issues are used for the purposes described below.

Who are the recipients of the data collected through cookies?

The data collected by means of cookies deposited on the site are intended for Gîtes du Goëlo, its partners and third parties such as advertising agencies and social networks.

What is the shelf life of cookies?

Cookies are valid for a maximum of 13 months.

Your consent will be requested again at the end of this maximum period by displaying the information banner regardless of the page visited on, or by deleting the cache of your browser before the end of the validation period assignment.


What types of cookies are deposited by the website?


  • Audience and Statistics Cookies

Services installed on, such as Google Analytics, make it possible to memorize and analyze anonymously the number of pages consulted as well as the activity of visitors and their frequency of return. These cookies make it possible to establish traffic analysis statistics from which the content of the Site is improved according to the success encountered by this or that page with our visitors.

Some of the cookies placed by the audience and statistics services are linked to the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your connection terminal. This address allows you to know the city from which you are connecting.


  • Technical, configuration and navigation cookies

These cookies facilitate your navigation between the pages of this website. They are also necessary to allow you to benefit from certain functionalities or services.    

These cookies also make it possible to memorize your preferences for use, the display settings and readers that you use in order to facilitate your navigation during your next visit to our Site.

  • Advertising cookies and cookies to better know your areas of interest

Third-party advertising services such as Adsense (and other partners) control cookies from their advertising spaces. To learn more about targeted ads from Google, click on the following link: privacy policy.

This website is not responsible for the management and lifespan of these third-party cookies and invites you to read the policy of each of these service providers.

Their purpose is to send you personalized advertisements adapted to your expectations. No personal data such as your surname, first name, postal or electronic address, etc. will not be transmitted to these third-party partners whose intervention on the website is limited to the deposit of cookies through the advertising content they manage.

This website and has no control over these cookies.


  • Social network sharing cookies

On certain pages and articles of this website, there are third-party social network buttons that allow you to use the functionalities of these networks and in particular to share content with other people.

When you go to an Internet page on which one of these means of sharing is located, your browser can send information to the requested social network which can then associate this visualization with your profile.

Cookies from these social networks, over which has no control, can then be placed in your browser. We invite you to consult the privacy policies specific to each of these social network sites, in order to learn about the purposes of use of the browsing information that the social networks may collect through these buttons and modules.




What if you do not want cookies to be installed?

The latest European legislation in the context of the protection of personal data on the Internet gives you the right to manage the data stored and used by a third-party site via cookies, although their presence is generally without consequence. You have the option of blocking some or all of the cookies or deleting those already installed on your device.

You can choose to accept the deposit of cookies on your terminal and reconsider this decision at any time by modifying the parameters of your internet browser.


What are the means at your disposal to prevent the storage of cookies?

If you do not want to receive cookies, you can adjust your browser to prevent all or part of the downloading of cookies to your terminal (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) optimized for the Internet. Namely, an absolute setting will prevent the proper functioning of the functions section of the website


How to accept, configure or refuse a cookie?

You can configure your browser or software so that cookies are saved or rejected in your terminal and other settings.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Choose the “Tools” menu then “Internet Options”

Click on the “Privacy” tab

Select the desired level using the slider


For Mozilla Firefox:

Choose the “Tools” menu > “Options”

Click on the “Privacy” option

“Cookies” section


For Chrome:

Choose the “Edit” menu > “Preferences”

Click on the “Personal data” option

“Cookies” section


For Safari:

Choose the “Edit” menu > “Preferences”

Click on the “Personal data” option

“Cookies” section

Depending on the type of your browser, you can also activate private browsing mode or the "Do Not Track" setting of your browser.


For mobile devices, you can consult the following link: here




– If your terminal is used by several people or has several Internet browsers on which you work, it is possible that your cookie settings are not taken into account permanently. This depends on the use of another non-configured browser, or because a third party has modified your personal settings. The Gîtes du Goëlo website is not able to prevent these external elements and nor to guarantee the durability of the choices that you initially expressed.

– Preventing the deposit of cookies on your terminal connected to the Internet does not cause the advertisements displayed on the content viewed online to disappear.

– If you use different terminals to access our Site (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.), your preferences must be set on each of them.

– In accordance with the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, you have a right of access to data concerning you.


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